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Izmjena valute

Termovizijska kamera PKT-5605

Termovizijska kamera PKT -5605,
- Display 60mm
- Rezolucija 60x60 pixel
- Podesivi faktor emisivnosti (0,1 -1,0)
- Mogućnost memorije
1453,06 KM
Prodajna cijena bez PDV 1241,93 KM
PDV iznos 211,13 KM


Termovizijska kamera PKT-5605


For troubleshooting of electrical and mechanical equipment and systems, as well as for a variety of other applications, this new thermal imaging camera offers an unbeatable price / performance ratio.

The compact size and intuitive operation in combination with the technical possibilities of a thermal imaging camera gives the user in the service and development area the ability to recognize and find any potential heat problem quickly and accurately. Trough the integrated camera the thermal images can be saved with time and date on the supplied SD card and thus easily documented.

In addition, this unit offers five different color palettes for thermal imaging, and five blend modes for photo to thermal imaging and also a graphical menu navigation.

  • Latest IR thermal imaging camera technics
  • 2.8 "LCD color display and graphical menu navigation
  • Thermal image resolution of 60 x 60 pixels
  • Photographs with integrated digital camera
  • Pictures with emission factor and measurement values
  • Five Steps to Thermal-Photo overlay
  • Five color palettes (Grey, Iron, Rainbow, etc.)
  • Crosshair, and Cold- / Hot-spot display
  • Minimum and maximum value display
  • Photo recording to micro SD card
  • Imaging with time and date documentation
  • Measurement range depends on size and temperature difference of the measured object



Rezolucija slike

 60 x 60 pixel
Mjerno područje

 -20°C do 300°C

Spektralna osjetljivost

 8 - 14 µm

Točnost  + - 2 ° C
Vidno polje  20 x 20
Radna temperatura  0°C...+50°C
Snimanje  Micro SD
Napajanje  4 x 1,5 Volt AA
Dimenzije  212 x 95 x 62mm
Težina  320 g


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